Android TV


Just about anywhere your look that sells electronic equipment you'll see a variety of streaming media players.

Amazon has their Firestick series. I've owned each one of them and I settled for the Fire TV cube because of

it amount of memory it has. There are number types of media streaming devices that you can use. Most of them

use the IPTV Smarter Pro app as the primary software.

They are functional and you can add and delete apps to different streaming apps. 

The graphical user interface (menu) is basic and functions as it should. I didn't try all of them, just a few and they were okay.

For me, they were just too generic and I wanted something with alittle more features.

Please read the products info provided before making a choice. 

FYI: If you need any customer service support for any of the items you may have purchased below, please email the site you purchased it from.
I am only the advertiser not the maker of the items!

Thank you!


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