Roku and Accessories

Roku streaming players was the first streaming player I tried even though I was still signed up with cable service. With Roku you can add and subtract channels of your choice. Just be aware that it is limited in the types of channels you can add. Some are paid channels and others are free. The only way to use Roku just like the cable service is to buy a subscription to a provider that allows you to choose which channels you want then you can cut the cord if you wish. Streaming providers such as SlingTV or Hulu are still alot cheaper than paying a local cable service bill. For cinema movies you can add any extra channels for a more modest fee. Also, with Roku you can add your Amazon Prime and Netflix subscription. Oh, I forgot to mention that when I was using Roku, I never experienced any buffering on this device which is a big plus. It is very well made but if they would just create one that was either made with Android OS or compatible to be able to add/subtract apps that would be a game changer.

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